Meet Lalo Sandoval


Making people HAPPY through their houses is what I do.

When people know I am an interior architect , the first question I get is: So, what is your style?

I must say I do not have a specific style. I am a BLANK page every time I enter into a new house.  Once I finish chatting with all members of the house (husband, wife, kids -if any- and even pets are taken into consideration) then I am full of ideas and I know I have identified what the FAMILY’s STYLE is.

There are TWO best moments of this job (I prefer to call it-life style):

– The eyes…you know, the surprised face my clients have when I show them my ideas. When they say: I never thought about it, but I love it!!

– The SMILE… I know, I know…it sounds like a ¨cliché¨ but I am a very smiley person, so when I see that same smile on my client’s face, then I know they are satisfied. And that’s my greatest satisfaction!

Lalo Sandoval



Based in heart of Amsterdam, offering all kind of services to the rest of Holland, and some of them, like Interior Design & Styling also on distance.

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